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The Seven Horcruxes of the Muggle World

Something incredible has been brought to my attention recently, something to stop Harry Potter haters in their tracks, something absolutely brilliant! This fantastic thing is the Harry Potter Alliance! This is probably the best thing I have seen since Inception … Continue reading

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I Hear You Like to Play With Swords…

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. My boyfriend collects weapons. In the apartment at this exact moment he has: 14 swords (that I can find); 2 big stick things that make noise when you throw them around; … Continue reading

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Zombie Lovers Necessities

Despite my paranoia over zombies, I still love zombie geekery. So without further ado, here is the zombie lovers necessities. First off we have zombie bookmarks for your zombie books! This was sent to me by a reader, and I … Continue reading

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The Hippie Way

As a small child, I fell in love with the idea of hippies. They protested peacefully for equality in humans, they sought freedom and love, and they wore the coolest clothing. The also had the coolest music going on back … Continue reading

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Things Coming to ATO

After much thinking, begging, and more thinking, I am happy to announce that there will be some happy changes coming to ATO. These will involve more geekery and human beings! Since the beginning of creating this blog, I wanted some … Continue reading

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OMYZOMBEE! Geeky Jack-o-lanterns!

Only 40 days until the best frikin holiday comes! Which means it is now time to buy 5-10 pumpkins and get to carving! With that information, I will now present amazing and geeky jack-o-lanterns! Illidan Stormrage from WoW. Talk about … Continue reading

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New Post Seeks Book Worms, Writers

It’s time for another list of awesome Etsy items. This one is geared towards the lover of books, geekery, and writing! As always, click on the photo to go to the shop. Here we go. 1. How awesome is this … Continue reading

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