Zombie Lovers Necessities

Despite my paranoia over zombies, I still love zombie geekery. So without further ado, here is the zombie lovers necessities.

First off we have zombie bookmarks for your zombie books! This was sent to me by a reader, and I am forever grateful! Your zombie collection of books isn’t complete without one of these bookmarks!

This is for reader Joe, who hopefully likes mugs. This schweet mug is fabulous to drink coffee, hot tea, cocoa, or hot pureed brains! No zombie lover should feel complete without a I ❤ Zombies mug!

OMZ! I love this sticker! Zombie geeks, show your zombie pride right on your laptop!

For the zombie lover who also loves sewing, here is your new favorite pincushion! And if you turn into a zombie, then you can make stuff for your zombie friends with style!

Best tee shirt ever!!!! OMZ! If you are a female zombie lover and don’t have this tee shirt, then you must be more crazy than me! Get this shirt! Just do it.

Awl! Here is a zombie you can cuddle up to and love! Don’t you wanna bring this little guy home? I sure do! Go ahead and get him, then show him that humans are more than just food!

Alright, this is more for when the outbreak does occur, if you aren’t undead you can put this on your car and go start saving humanity! These will be put on all vehicles at my colony.

My geekery senses had the biggest meltdown ever when I saw this! Needless to say, my future children will have their own zombie barbies! Hopefully I can get some zombie GI Joes and Kens too! This just gives me shivers from the sheer awesomeness!

Show how hardcore you’ll be when it comes to zombie hunting with these earrings! OMZ they are hott and sharp! Show those zombies you aren’t going down without a fight.

Now Kingston is just frikin schweet! How could you say no to him? He’s a zombie hipster in search of a good home. He’s not child friendly per se, but I think he’d make an awesome gift for any of my hipster friends!

So there you have it! Everything you need as a zombie lover. Check out etsy.com for more zombie geekery. I’m sure it will eat your heart out!

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