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Natalie Dee is the Bomb-Diggity

A couple years ago I was introduced to an online comic, Natalie Dee. It was love at first glance. She has captured my heart, so now I wish to share the amazingness with you all. Natalie Dee has a drawing … Continue reading

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Acceptance of People

This weekend has truly been a trial by fire. I got (for lack of a better word) attacked for my thoughts and beliefs by a couple of people I hold dear. It was heart breaking to have them judge me … Continue reading

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Lord of the Books

So once upon a time in the land that was my middle school, I attempted to read the first LotR book, Fellowship of the Ring. I got to the last chapter in a couple days then stopped. My little A.D.D. … Continue reading

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Defining “offbeat.”

I’ve been asked to be a guest writer for this blog (or co-author. However you want to say it) but I’ve been putting off making a wordpress account for it. Why? Well, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how to … Continue reading

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Indie v. Scene

So yesterday evening I got into a discussion with my future sister-in-laws about what is Indie. Though I love these girls, I disagree with what they consider Indie. What they think is indie is actually Scene. Those are completely different … Continue reading

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Love Love Love this Artist

While browsing Google, I came across Artist a Day ( They were showing Mary Chiaramonte, a painter. The painting that they were displaying grabbed my attention immediately. It was a woman carrying a cardboard house. I decided to read about … Continue reading

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