A Necessity to Stop

Normally on Thursdays I do a necessities post on some geeky thing, but today I’m doing a necessity to stop. This world has become such a cruel, disheartening place! It is time that the term “that’s so gay” and using gay in a derogatory manner come to a halt in our everyday language. We need to get back to the love and step away from the hate.

I am calling everyone out. The ridiculousness of this situation has reached a level I never wanted to see. The bullying, the hate, the ignorance is causing death! Yet still I hear from the mouths of children and teens “gay” being used instead of stupid or lame. Gay people ARE NOT STUPID OR LAME! They are beautiful human beings deserving of love just like any other human being! They are not beneath anyone. So stop acting like they aren’t human!

In the face of so much ugliness in this world, we need to step away from our hate and prejudices now more than ever! We need to fill our hearts and thoughts with love. We need to speak only kindness and goodness. We have to start working together! The world has become a terrible place that is getting worse everyday. So why would we ever want to aid in keeping it going down this vile path?

I dare you all to love. Love in the face of judgment and ignorance. I dare you to go back to the terms stupid and lame. I dare you to stop using “gay” in such an evil manner. Go on, try it! It’s time to stop the bullying. It’s time to stop the hate and ignorance. This is the time, now more than ever, to bring on some peace between the human race.

We are all humans, all with the same dna. We may look different, speak different, even learn and love different, but we are all human beings. So stop hating, and start loving. Start at least using terms their proper way! The lives of people actually depend on it.

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1 Response to A Necessity to Stop

  1. Kelly says:

    A HUGE “AMEN” from me!!! I can not stand it when I hear that term being used like that. Thanks for the post Jenny. Hope it helps shut some people up from using the word “gay” like that. I totally agree with you!

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