Dreadlocks Part 1: The Decision

Woot Dreadlocks!

A couple years ago I started to fall in love with dreadlocks. They can be styled beautifully, they are low maintenance, and they just look frikin awesome! I became obsessed thinking about getting them, but at the time my hair was way too short. So I longed for them for a couple years… until now.

That’s right. I got dreadlocks just recently. Alysha, my other dear friend, and I spent 6.5 hours backcombing and palmrolling the crap out of my shiny, silky, long hair. It was a very LONG and boring process, but I love my hair now. And I mean LOOOOOVE!

So to answer your question that is probably popping in your mind, why? I did this for several reasons. First and foremost, I love the look. I think anyone who pulls off this look must be a very confident person, or not give a rat’s butt about what anyone thinks of them. Another thing is that my favorite author has them, which is what got me started thinking about them. It’s not a reason per se, but I love her and liked the point. I also liked the idea of getting back to the natural way my hair should be, knotted. Before combs, most people’s hair probably was dreaded.

I would like to also add they are low maintenance. You wash them whenever you want. No brushing out my hair 20 times a day. I just throw it back in a ponytail, bun, half up and out I go. No more styling gel, maybe just a smidge of wax if I REALLY need it. Other than the initial weeks while they are still babies, it is incredibly easy to take care of.

Another big reason I got them was because I felt that my family, friends, fiance, and I should love me regardless my hairstyle. Love should go past the physical, including how I feel about myself. Let me tell you, dreads are actually a big step. I felt sick to my stomach until about halfway through when I saw how they looked against my face. So if I could love myself regardless of how bad or good it looked, so should everyone else.

So there you have it. I have dreads, and I love them. They actually look very awesome in my opinion. (My fiance may say differently, but who cares, he still loves me!) They are the coolest thing ever! Part 2 will be about how to do them, or at least how Alysha and I did them. Be watching for it!

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