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I Hear You Like to Play With Swords…

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. My boyfriend collects weapons. In the apartment at this exact moment he has: 14 swords (that I can find); 2 big stick things that make noise when you throw them around; … Continue reading

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A Necessity to Stop

Normally on Thursdays I do a necessities post on some geeky thing, but today I’m doing a necessity to stop. This world has become such a cruel, disheartening place! It is time that the term “that’s so gay” and using … Continue reading

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Dreadlocks Part 1: The Decision

A couple years ago I started to fall in love with dreadlocks. They can be styled beautifully, they are low maintenance, and they just look frikin awesome! I became obsessed thinking about getting them, but at the time my hair … Continue reading

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