WoW Geek Necessities

It’s time for another necessities post!

So as some know, I am a recovering World of Warcraft addict. This is only due to having absolutely no money for a subscription, however. (I’m still working on getting my fiance to renew it.) So looking up WoW things on etsy is torturous, but I feel as if these are items every WoW geek should love and buy.

Here we have something every WoW geek should put their baby into! I will surely be buying a couple (or making a couple) once I am ready to have kids (if that ever happens.) No WoW family is complete without this!

There’s no place like home! So why wouldn’t you get these gorgeous hearthstone earrings? Even if your friends have no idea what they mean, they are still MEGA cute! And if you have to leave your computer, then at least you can touch your earrings and pretend you are back at your favorite inn.

For all you WoW vegans and non vegans, we have potion soap! It might not technically restore your health or mana, but it will restore your hygiene. Which for the hardcore WoW players , you actually should use this! (You probably smell from playing for 48+ hours straight!)

Dude! If my fiance wouldn’t freak at the idea of me gauging my ears, I would totally get these! These are HOTT! Any horde player would be completely rad with these! Horde plugs FTW!

Wear it loud, wear it proud. For the Horde necklace speaks for itself.

Ok! This is frikin hilarious! And I want/need it! If this orc came to me, I’d sign up for his army! Haha.

For you Ally kids, here is a messenger bag to support your faction. Now you can carry your laptop around so that you can play wherever!

Finally, life is not complete without a WoW tee or halter. This one is really cool too! It’s girlie but oozes awesomeness!

That’s it for this weeks necessities! These are all at Etsy, and there is even more stuff there! So go check it out!

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2 Responses to WoW Geek Necessities

  1. Scut Farkus says:

    WOW is for nerds!

  2. JennyH says:

    It’s for everyone. Just nerds tend to play it more often then not.

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