About the Author(s)

Jenny is the creator of this blog. She lives in Marion, Indiana with her parakeet, Martini. Tini and her decided to move there to be closer to Jenny’s fiance. Currently she is working in home health care, though she wants to make this blog a money making type job. She hopes to go back to college one day to study library sciences.

Her focuses on this site will include but are not limited to geekery, books, art, and food.


Alysha lives in Indiana with her boyfriend (whom Jenny is not allowed to mention) and her four cats. Yes, she really has four cats. She is majoring in creative writing at Unnamed University but hopes to graduate by the end of summer 2011, take a year off to detox from school, then go back to get her MFA at a school outside of the Midwest. If she ever gets published you readers will be the third or fourth people to know about it, as she will be shamelessly promoting her work on this blog.

The focus? Random science news, lectures on word definition, the struggles of writing and the cliquey nature of creative writing programs, literature/book reviews, general geekyness and offbeat fashion.


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