The Hippie Way

As a small child, I fell in love with the idea of hippies. They protested peacefully for equality in humans, they sought freedom and love, and they wore the coolest clothing. The also had the coolest music going on back in the 60s. So of course being the child I was, I tried to love everyone and think of peace first. Sadly, my well-meaning, republican parents started conforming me to their beliefs in war solving things and material things having value.

Eventually I found the way back to adoring peace and love. I have trouble controlling my temper now, but like all humans, I’m a work in progress. Recently my dad called me a dirty hippie for wanting dreadlocks. I know he was playing, but it got me back to thinking about the hippie way. In being a hippie, do you have to conform to the hippie lifestyle? Do you have to give up the beloved droid you use to post offbeat blogs? Do you have to stop shaving or wearing make-up?

Though I believe one must be less materialistic if one wants to be a hippie, I’m not sure conforming to every hippie ideal makes one a hippie. Hippies are usually against conforming to society’s standards. I doubt they expect conforming to anyone’s standards. I think as long as a human lives a life in pursuit of universal peace, love, and freedom, they are at least your basic hippie. It also helps if human beings work in careers that are beneficial to others (whether it be people, animals, or the planet). I myself spend my entire work day serving an elderly gentleman who cannot do much for himself.

So what else can help lead to a hippie-r lifestyle? Trying to live as naturally as possible is a start. As always is a fabulous place to look for handmade organic or vegan-friendly foods and clothes. Recycling your own clothing is always good too. By that I mean patching clothing with rips, turning unused jeans into a purse or bag, and all that jazz.

Another thing to do is start finding beauty in everything and everyone. This world is a magnificent, miraculous place filled with people who are made up of the exact same stuff yet still unique like snowflakes. Love your neighbor as yourself, even if your neighbor happens to be money hungry, religious, or a crazy person. No matter what they are still your brother or sister in need of love, and they are beautiful in some way, shape, or form.

So if you want to, live in the ideals of universal peace, love, and freedom. Be a hippie! If you don’t want to, it’s cool too. We need people to protest against. So go live life as you want to live.

Peace, love, and all that jazz.

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