Etsy Top Ten

I know Jenny has mentioned Etsy before, but I wanted to let people know a little bit about this amazing site. Etsy is a curious little site that is similar to ebay without the bidding. What makes Etsy so wonderful is this fun little fact: they only sell items that are vintage or handmade! How amazing is that? I get nearly all of my jewelry from Etsy and have gotten a few clothing and household items from them as well. There are a ton of different ways to search Etsy, be it through keywords or categories you are sure to find something unique and beautiful! For those of you that have never been, I thought I would give you a head start by featuring some of my all-time favorite shops!

1. Get Ready Set GO!!! is one of my all-time favorite shops. They have refurbished vintage luggage that is large enough to take on vacation and small enough to carry around as a purse. Some great items here. Check them out!

2. Charlie Carter Creations is a great shop for those of you that love to get your geek on through video games. They have an entire line of gamer earrings that are handcrafted with some of your favorite vintage characters (Mario and Luigi earrings, anyone?).  They have other lines as well so stop by when you get the chance.

3. Damsel in this Dress is just fantastic. If you’re into steampunk or Medieval styles then this site is for you! She has some beautifully crafted corsets and costume pieces. These are so wonderful, you might decide to wear them on a regular basis. Her Alice in Wonderland Halloween line is making me drool. ESPECIALLY her version of Alice!

4. If you are looking for some truly unique (and truly steampunk) jewelry then please stop by this shop! She has some of the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen. Some of them can get a little pricey, especially if you’re a poor college student, but wow are these lovely!

5. For the student in all of us. Are you always grabbing an apple from the basket, throwing it into your bag and banging it all up before you get the chance to eat it? Well, now you can protect it with an apple warmer (they come in pear as well)! Jacquline also sells eco-friendly coffee sleeves. These are all made in wonderful colors and I love the idea behind it!

6. This wonderful seller makes a lot of rings, necklaces and hairpins from flower cabochons, although she has other items as well. Her hairpins are the most gorgeous things…I’ve got three in my hair as we speak! And I just ordered 4 more along with an amazing adjustable ring. Seriously, check her out!

7. Oh, these watches. For the unique lady or gentleman who loves telling the time with something other than a cell phone check out this shop! I haven’t purchased one yet, but these are the most amazing looking watches! I should mention that each Etsy seller gets ratings and reviews, so you know for sure how good they are before you buy!

8. Beautiful, feminine jewelry! I’m in love.

9. The stuff this lady can do with a cameo, a few unique flower cabochons and a headband will blow your mind! One of the bracelets I’ve gotten from her is already my favorite and she has a children’s shop for mini-items of most things in her adult shop!

10. I cannot say enough good things about The StarShine company. They make homemade perfumes and incense that I have purchased MANY times before with over 500 scents to choose from. They are just freaking fantastic. I’ve recently purchased some of their new makeup line, so we’ll see if this is as wonderful as the rest of their products! I’m excited, you should be too.

So, there you have it guys. Happy shopping. 🙂

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