OMYZOMBEE! Geeky Jack-o-lanterns!

Only 40 days until the best frikin holiday comes! Which means it is now time to buy 5-10 pumpkins and get to carving! With that information, I will now present amazing and geeky jack-o-lanterns!

Illidan Stormrage from WoW. Talk about amazing! The detail is breathtaking. True artistry right here!

Now this is just really scary! Predator jack-o-lantern will scare anyone at first glance! It would take an amazing pumpkin sculptor to create this piece of work!

Now this seems more simple, but the design is definitely geeky! It is cute for anyone, especially people who are constantly texting or IMing.

It’s Mario! I’m basically in love with this jack-o-lantern! How adorable is this beloved gaming icon?

Yet some more awesome gaming pumpkins! I’m in love with these Legend of Zelda jack-o-lanterns! Now if only I could create such amazingness!

Robot Pumpkin! Now this is just awesome! If I didn’t already have plans for the three pumpkins I got today, then this is probably what I would do with them. Looks like I’m going back to the pumpkin patch.

It’s pumpkin pi!!!! As a math geek, I’m drooling all over this deliciousness!

This is a MASTERPIECE! I love Nightmare Before Christmas. It is a tradition to watch it like 5-10 times before Halloween. I absolutely love this!

Yet another computer geek jack-o-lantern! Don’t you just love it?

No jack-o-lantern geekery is complete without the classics! Pac Man jack-o-lanterns RULE!

That’s it for today, kids! Leave me things in the comments about what you think and more geeky jack-o-lanterns! BETTER YET!! SEND ME PICS OF YOUR JACK-O-LANTERNS! Just go to Contact Us and email me the pics! I will feature them in a future blog!

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