Things Needed to Survive a Zombie Invasion

Deformables Zombie

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Being the slightly neurotic nutcase I am, I tend to wait for the day that someone creates a zombie disease that ravages the entire land. Of course, this would be terrible because then only the crazy and paranoid people will survive. However, to give my readers a chance, I am telling you all things you need to keep at the ready for just in case.

First thing is first, you will need a backpack to carry many things. You will need something durable that can weather many situations and is also water proof. I suggest putting in the big bucks for this sweet backpack. The camo may not be pretty, but it will hide you from zombies, giving you more amble time to get ready to take off their heads.

Next you will need hiking boots and protective clothing. Now I know the post apocalyptic clothing you see in movies on the girls can be mega sexy, however that is not protecting them. Thick clothing gives you a better chance of your skin not breaking if you get in a melee situation with a zombie or two. If your skin breaks, you will probably be screwed. You will need a poncho to keep your clothes dry in bad weather. Also hiking boots will keep your feet dryer than tennis shoes or anything else. You need to keep your feet dry. Just trust me on that.

Next you will need a quart water bottles and purification tablets. Do not trust the water, EVER. You need water to survive, however. So these are a must. Invest in several bags of the tablets. You will thank me later. Matches will also be a necessity. Lighters will do, but matches are always better in my opinion. You can cook animals or any canned food you find along your journey.

Something you should not trust is your GPS. It will die, and you will be screwed. Learn to read maps now. Also get a compass that isn’t on your droid. You may think you will be able to tell by the rising and setting sun, but on a rain or cloudy day or during the noon time you will be screwed. Get maps of your immediate area and your country. Your life will constantly be on the move after the zombies attack. Hopefully human bases will be set up by military or heavily armed humans that you can find and live in, but do not count on this!

A sleeping bag is very useful. It will keep you warm and dry. It will also be more comfortable than just ground.

If you don’t have a first aid kit, then you are on crack or something. A first aid kit is VITAL! Any cut, any wound you get can become infected and kill you or turn you into a zombie! Keep wounds tightly bandaged and covered! Also, keep on hand advil, vitamins, a sewing kit, ect.. These will all be essential to your survival!

I will also recommend hear to have things like a multi-tool, binoculars, and signal flares. There will be times when you need to build, cut, and fix things. A multi-tool will be highly beneficial. There will be times that you will need to scout out areas, see if zombies are in a vicinity, or watch for food to fly or walk near you. Binoculars will prove valuable for these quests. Signal flares can always be used to signal to a helicopter or plane that you need saving, but be warned zombies will see it and come.

Lastly, but most importantly, you will need kick@$$ weapons! A machete is all time best melee weapon in my opinion. It is versatile for when you need to cut more than heads. You will also need at least two fire arms. I would pack fifty rounds of ammunition for your primary and also twenty-five rounds of ammunition for your secondary. Remember that you need to conserve your bullets!

If I were you, I would pack this all now and constantly check and update until the day the zombies come. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to die and become a zombie! So get prepared. Also remember that I am scouting out the perfect place for a human colony. As I find it and start building it up, I will keep you posted with hints, so that you may find it if the day comes. I will not give exact details for fear of zombies or the government taking over the place.

Keep yourselves safe and prepared! And happy Wednesday!

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6 Responses to Things Needed to Survive a Zombie Invasion

  1. LillyBell says:

    If a zombie attack were to happen, I would hole up in a walmart or sam’s club!

  2. JennyH says:

    I have some places like that in mind, at least for a temporary base. One place in particular would be incredibly easy to barricade.

  3. Joey says:

    75 rounds of ammunition? Add about 200+ to that. You wouldnt survive with only 75 rounds.

  4. JennyH says:

    Ammunition is heavy!!! But I guess I will need to be more fit for a zombie invasion anyways.

  5. Joe says:

    I love zombies!

  6. JennyH says:

    Will you be saying that as they eat your brains?

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