Brides and the Weight Issue

Kissing the bride

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Since a very young age I have always questioned my worth. “Am I a good enough daughter?” “Am I being a good friend?” “Is my fiance making a mistake marrying me?” My friends and family may not see it as prominently as when I was in middle school, but those thoughts are still very much there. My fears of not being good enough, pretty enough, and so on and so forth still exist.

It’s really funny how words do hurt sometimes more than a broken bone. I remember all my life my sister being constantly called beautiful, adorable, and cute. Everyone always thought she was attractive and told her as much. When it came to me people just thought of me as smart, creative, and a little odd. I remember best when my mom’s best friend said, “Well we can’t all be naturally beautiful, but brains is better anyways. Be glad you have those!” She didn’t realize it but that HURT!

Who wants to be smart when it the pretty girls who get doted on and adored. Who wants to be a bit odd when your sister is built like a model. Sure my intelligence could have taken me anywhere, but now I am preparing for a wedding and would rather be the thin, gorgeous models in the bridal magazines.

Let’s face it, how many brides want to be smart on their wedding day? They want to be beautiful. They want to be worth it. They spend hours, days, months picking out the perfect dress so that they can look divine for their grooms. I am personally having minor panic attacks worrying that he won’t find my dress pretty enough or that he will hate that I still have dreads. I am in constant fear that my beautiful bridesmaids will all look a thousand times better than my chubby, plain self. I have gone from finding myself okay to being back in middle school and noticing every fault.

Why is this such a big thing? Why is there so much pressure to be thin and beautiful on a bride’s wedding day? The message of that day should be all about the love and commitment being shared between two people, not that the bride is super uber lovely and tiny. However, with all the bridal media out there (excluding the amazing Offbeat Bride website), brides are bent on losing that extra weight, spending thousands on that perfect dress, and basically driving themselves mad over the whole ordeal.

I’m not quite sure how to keep myself out of this ridiculous slump. As much as I would rather focus on the love of my relationship with my amazing fiance, I can’t seem to keep my mind from that 35-40lbs I want to lose. It’s absolutely absurd. It also needs to stop being such a big deal to me. My fiance proposed to me while I was this same weight.

I wasn’t wearing any make up that day. My hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail. In the picture right after I look like nothing special, yet the sexy guy beside me decided to propose to me. He decided to accept the crazy and odd girl that he had gotten to know and love. He knew me at my worst and best by that point, and he still chose me out of all the pretty girls he goes to school with, the other Jennys he could of dated (haha. I’m the third one. It’s still pretty funny to me!), and the girls he could of still pursued in his young age.

I think that is the remedy to the stressed out bride dying to look absolutely amazing on her wedding day. Remember that out of everyone else in the world, he or she picked you. If they proposed, they must find their brides to be beautiful! Who would propose to someone they didn’t find attractive!? It is madness to feel like you have to be prettier. Yes, you want to look good on your wedding day, but with the glowing effects of love and a very pretty dress, your fiance will probably only have eyes for you no matter what.

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The Seven Horcruxes of the Muggle World

Jacket art of Scholastic (US) edition.

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Something incredible has been brought to my attention recently, something to stop Harry Potter haters in their tracks, something absolutely brilliant! This fantastic thing is the Harry Potter Alliance! This is probably the best thing I have seen since Inception (and it isn’t even a movie!)

The HPA (Harry Potter Alliance) is a non-profit organization attempting to stop world evils, much like Harry and Dumbledore’s Army attempted to stop wizarding evils. They work to improve literacy, equality, and human rights around the world. They also work to alert people on the dangers of global warming, poverty, and genocide. They also encourage their members to find creative ways to also help out.

The current campaign they are working on is the Deathly Hallows campaign which is taking place between the two HP7 movies. This campaign will be focusing on seven real world horcruxes. Some of you, fans and not, are probably wondering what the hell those could be. The one in focus right now is starvation wages. They are hosting and asking people to host Lumos Parties which will be held on the release night with candles, cell phones, and flash lights while passing out fliers about fair trade. The other horcruxes have yet to be released.

The HPA has also broken itself down to chapters that are all over, you can check their website for a chapter near you, or make your own! The Ball State Quidditch League has just started their own chapter if you live near the area. They also have online groups that are the houses of Hogwarts. I am in Ravenclaw (just in case you wanted to be my friend). The houses compete for the House Cup through donating and working towards the HPA’s goals.

Please go check out the HPA! Better yet, JOIN! Go and sign the starvation wages petition! The world is in need. As JK Rowling once said, “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power needed inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

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I Hear You Like to Play With Swords…

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

My boyfriend collects weapons.

In the apartment at this exact moment he has: 14 swords (that I can find); 2 big stick things that make noise when you throw them around; 1 police baton; many, many knives; 2 sets of nunchucks; a blowgun; a mace and a crossbow. And seriously, that’s just what I can see to count and what I’m remembering off the top of my head. But, don’t get me wrong–I’m not complaining. Weapons can be really fun to play with and we’re totally good if anyone tries breaking into the house. Besides, I’m a nerd for Terry Goodkind and I like to pretend I have the sword of truth. (Insert random publicity for an author I like here)


When the zombies and/or mutants attack us all...come to my place.


But you can see how this could be a serious problem when it comes to decorating the apartment. Currently, the majority of his swords are on a stand in the corner but there are a few other ways I could handle this. Some swords can be mounted to the wall. If the apartment was larger, they could be in a pretty display case. The swords are easy but I don’t know what to do with all the other things (which are sitting in random corners right now).

I’ll keep you updated on what I figure out. Any reader suggestions? Anyone have any weird/offbeat collections that are difficult to display? How do you handle it?

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A Necessity to Stop

Normally on Thursdays I do a necessities post on some geeky thing, but today I’m doing a necessity to stop. This world has become such a cruel, disheartening place! It is time that the term “that’s so gay” and using gay in a derogatory manner come to a halt in our everyday language. We need to get back to the love and step away from the hate.

I am calling everyone out. The ridiculousness of this situation has reached a level I never wanted to see. The bullying, the hate, the ignorance is causing death! Yet still I hear from the mouths of children and teens “gay” being used instead of stupid or lame. Gay people ARE NOT STUPID OR LAME! They are beautiful human beings deserving of love just like any other human being! They are not beneath anyone. So stop acting like they aren’t human!

In the face of so much ugliness in this world, we need to step away from our hate and prejudices now more than ever! We need to fill our hearts and thoughts with love. We need to speak only kindness and goodness. We have to start working together! The world has become a terrible place that is getting worse everyday. So why would we ever want to aid in keeping it going down this vile path?

I dare you all to love. Love in the face of judgment and ignorance. I dare you to go back to the terms stupid and lame. I dare you to stop using “gay” in such an evil manner. Go on, try it! It’s time to stop the bullying. It’s time to stop the hate and ignorance. This is the time, now more than ever, to bring on some peace between the human race.

We are all humans, all with the same dna. We may look different, speak different, even learn and love different, but we are all human beings. So stop hating, and start loving. Start at least using terms their proper way! The lives of people actually depend on it.

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Dreadlocks Part 1: The Decision

Woot Dreadlocks!

A couple years ago I started to fall in love with dreadlocks. They can be styled beautifully, they are low maintenance, and they just look frikin awesome! I became obsessed thinking about getting them, but at the time my hair was way too short. So I longed for them for a couple years… until now.

That’s right. I got dreadlocks just recently. Alysha, my other dear friend, and I spent 6.5 hours backcombing and palmrolling the crap out of my shiny, silky, long hair. It was a very LONG and boring process, but I love my hair now. And I mean LOOOOOVE!

So to answer your question that is probably popping in your mind, why? I did this for several reasons. First and foremost, I love the look. I think anyone who pulls off this look must be a very confident person, or not give a rat’s butt about what anyone thinks of them. Another thing is that my favorite author has them, which is what got me started thinking about them. It’s not a reason per se, but I love her and liked the point. I also liked the idea of getting back to the natural way my hair should be, knotted. Before combs, most people’s hair probably was dreaded.

I would like to also add they are low maintenance. You wash them whenever you want. No brushing out my hair 20 times a day. I just throw it back in a ponytail, bun, half up and out I go. No more styling gel, maybe just a smidge of wax if I REALLY need it. Other than the initial weeks while they are still babies, it is incredibly easy to take care of.

Another big reason I got them was because I felt that my family, friends, fiance, and I should love me regardless my hairstyle. Love should go past the physical, including how I feel about myself. Let me tell you, dreads are actually a big step. I felt sick to my stomach until about halfway through when I saw how they looked against my face. So if I could love myself regardless of how bad or good it looked, so should everyone else.

So there you have it. I have dreads, and I love them. They actually look very awesome in my opinion. (My fiance may say differently, but who cares, he still loves me!) They are the coolest thing ever! Part 2 will be about how to do them, or at least how Alysha and I did them. Be watching for it!

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Please Accept My Apologies!

I am so sorry I have not written until now! I was waiting on some photos to be added to the blog’s library and also lacked much inspiration the last couple of days. Mainly, I failed this week. However next week will be better!

For the rest of this week I am sick and going to get some much needed rest. Next week we will be back in business with even more offbeat awesomeness that includes but is not limited to dreadlocks, music, and food!

So go outside and enjoy the fall this week. Next week I will expect you back here to read and love. K? Have a good week!

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Zombie Lovers Necessities

Despite my paranoia over zombies, I still love zombie geekery. So without further ado, here is the zombie lovers necessities.

First off we have zombie bookmarks for your zombie books! This was sent to me by a reader, and I am forever grateful! Your zombie collection of books isn’t complete without one of these bookmarks!

This is for reader Joe, who hopefully likes mugs. This schweet mug is fabulous to drink coffee, hot tea, cocoa, or hot pureed brains! No zombie lover should feel complete without a I ❤ Zombies mug!

OMZ! I love this sticker! Zombie geeks, show your zombie pride right on your laptop!

For the zombie lover who also loves sewing, here is your new favorite pincushion! And if you turn into a zombie, then you can make stuff for your zombie friends with style!

Best tee shirt ever!!!! OMZ! If you are a female zombie lover and don’t have this tee shirt, then you must be more crazy than me! Get this shirt! Just do it.

Awl! Here is a zombie you can cuddle up to and love! Don’t you wanna bring this little guy home? I sure do! Go ahead and get him, then show him that humans are more than just food!

Alright, this is more for when the outbreak does occur, if you aren’t undead you can put this on your car and go start saving humanity! These will be put on all vehicles at my colony.

My geekery senses had the biggest meltdown ever when I saw this! Needless to say, my future children will have their own zombie barbies! Hopefully I can get some zombie GI Joes and Kens too! This just gives me shivers from the sheer awesomeness!

Show how hardcore you’ll be when it comes to zombie hunting with these earrings! OMZ they are hott and sharp! Show those zombies you aren’t going down without a fight.

Now Kingston is just frikin schweet! How could you say no to him? He’s a zombie hipster in search of a good home. He’s not child friendly per se, but I think he’d make an awesome gift for any of my hipster friends!

So there you have it! Everything you need as a zombie lover. Check out for more zombie geekery. I’m sure it will eat your heart out!

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