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A Necessity to Stop

Normally on Thursdays I do a necessities post on some geeky thing, but today I’m doing a necessity to stop. This world has become such a cruel, disheartening place! It is time that the term “that’s so gay” and using … Continue reading

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The Things We Do For Love… or Interwebs

Being the poor, engaged fool that I am, I cannot afford interwebs in my apartment. Instead I travel around Grant County to get it free at certain coffee places like Payne’s or the now open Indiana Wesleyan University. I sometimes … Continue reading

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Acceptance of People

This weekend has truly been a trial by fire. I got (for lack of a better word) attacked for my thoughts and beliefs by a couple of people I hold dear. It was heart breaking to have them judge me … Continue reading

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Lord of the Books

So once upon a time in the land that was my middle school, I attempted to read the first LotR book, Fellowship of the Ring. I got to the last chapter in a couple days then stopped. My little A.D.D. … Continue reading

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