The Hippie Way

As a small child, I fell in love with the idea of hippies. They protested peacefully for equality in humans, they sought freedom and love, and they wore the coolest clothing. The also had the coolest music going on back in the 60s. So of course being the child I was, I tried to love everyone and think of peace first. Sadly, my well-meaning, republican parents started conforming me to their beliefs in war solving things and material things having value.

Eventually I found the way back to adoring peace and love. I have trouble controlling my temper now, but like all humans, I’m a work in progress. Recently my dad called me a dirty hippie for wanting dreadlocks. I know he was playing, but it got me back to thinking about the hippie way. In being a hippie, do you have to conform to the hippie lifestyle? Do you have to give up the beloved droid you use to post offbeat blogs? Do you have to stop shaving or wearing make-up?

Though I believe one must be less materialistic if one wants to be a hippie, I’m not sure conforming to every hippie ideal makes one a hippie. Hippies are usually against conforming to society’s standards. I doubt they expect conforming to anyone’s standards. I think as long as a human lives a life in pursuit of universal peace, love, and freedom, they are at least your basic hippie. It also helps if human beings work in careers that are beneficial to others (whether it be people, animals, or the planet). I myself spend my entire work day serving an elderly gentleman who cannot do much for himself.

So what else can help lead to a hippie-r lifestyle? Trying to live as naturally as possible is a start. As always is a fabulous place to look for handmade organic or vegan-friendly foods and clothes. Recycling your own clothing is always good too. By that I mean patching clothing with rips, turning unused jeans into a purse or bag, and all that jazz.

Another thing to do is start finding beauty in everything and everyone. This world is a magnificent, miraculous place filled with people who are made up of the exact same stuff yet still unique like snowflakes. Love your neighbor as yourself, even if your neighbor happens to be money hungry, religious, or a crazy person. No matter what they are still your brother or sister in need of love, and they are beautiful in some way, shape, or form.

So if you want to, live in the ideals of universal peace, love, and freedom. Be a hippie! If you don’t want to, it’s cool too. We need people to protest against. So go live life as you want to live.

Peace, love, and all that jazz.

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Things Coming to ATO


Image by doug88888 via Flickr

After much thinking, begging, and more thinking, I am happy to announce that there will be some happy changes coming to ATO. These will involve more geekery and human beings!

Since the beginning of creating this blog, I wanted some music geekery weekly. I am happy to announce that soon that will be happening! My good friend will be joining ATO to start writing about all things music. I cannot wait for him to start because you all are in for an amazing treat!

Another thing we are going to start doing is a weekly Offbeat Human Feature. Once a week we will feature one of our offbeat readers and their geekyness or offbeatness. Once I figure out how to do that, I will let everyone know. Just know it’s in the works. So get excited.

We will soon be adding a merch page! There will be shirts, pillows, bags, and possibly more. It will be fabulous, and that is all I’m saying until more is decided!

I hope you are as excited as I am for the upcoming changes! They will most likely be occurring over the next month or two. It all depends on our fabulous readers, so start commenting and emailing, please! Well enjoy your Tuesday evening kids!

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OMYZOMBEE! Geeky Jack-o-lanterns!

Only 40 days until the best frikin holiday comes! Which means it is now time to buy 5-10 pumpkins and get to carving! With that information, I will now present amazing and geeky jack-o-lanterns!

Illidan Stormrage from WoW. Talk about amazing! The detail is breathtaking. True artistry right here!

Now this is just really scary! Predator jack-o-lantern will scare anyone at first glance! It would take an amazing pumpkin sculptor to create this piece of work!

Now this seems more simple, but the design is definitely geeky! It is cute for anyone, especially people who are constantly texting or IMing.

It’s Mario! I’m basically in love with this jack-o-lantern! How adorable is this beloved gaming icon?

Yet some more awesome gaming pumpkins! I’m in love with these Legend of Zelda jack-o-lanterns! Now if only I could create such amazingness!

Robot Pumpkin! Now this is just awesome! If I didn’t already have plans for the three pumpkins I got today, then this is probably what I would do with them. Looks like I’m going back to the pumpkin patch.

It’s pumpkin pi!!!! As a math geek, I’m drooling all over this deliciousness!

This is a MASTERPIECE! I love Nightmare Before Christmas. It is a tradition to watch it like 5-10 times before Halloween. I absolutely love this!

Yet another computer geek jack-o-lantern! Don’t you just love it?

No jack-o-lantern geekery is complete without the classics! Pac Man jack-o-lanterns RULE!

That’s it for today, kids! Leave me things in the comments about what you think and more geeky jack-o-lanterns! BETTER YET!! SEND ME PICS OF YOUR JACK-O-LANTERNS! Just go to Contact Us and email me the pics! I will feature them in a future blog!

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New Post Seeks Book Worms, Writers

It’s time for another list of awesome Etsy items. This one is geared towards the lover of books, geekery, and writing! As always, click on the photo to go to the shop. Here we go.

1. How awesome is this notebook? It’s handmade and absolutely beautiful! You could use this notebook to begin your first novel. Etsy has a ton of handmade notebooks like this. Check it out!

2. Up next we have this great set of sciency bookends from The Bird and the Butcher. These will combine your love of science w/ your love of books! Perfect in a library or a lab.

3. Geek Unique has a whole set of bookmarks showing the evolution of your favorite old school video game characters. Once again, I’m combining various forms of geekery. Love it!

4. This 216 page notebook is handmade from Austria on hand-painted leather. Ugh, isn’t is just gorgeous? If anything will get you writing, this will!

5. This shirt from Brookish it just awesome. With a quote from “Pride and Prejudice” and a great fit, you’ll be sure to love it! I actually just bought this tshirt last week so I can attest to how great it is. ūüôā Check out her other Jane Austen themed fair.

6. No offbeat writer can be complete without a typewriter (preferably in a bright color like bubblegum pink). There are cheaper typewriters out there, so do an Etsy search or hang around your local flea market. You’re sure to find one!

7. Some people on Etsy are even making (and selling!) their own comic books. Can you believe it? Now, I haven’t read this one–I just wanted to find one for an example. But feel free to browse around. Your favorite comic might come from a little-known artist in Maine!

There you have it folks, a few awesome items for the book lover or writer in your life. Personally, I want that typewriter.

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Things Needed to Survive a Zombie Invasion

Deformables Zombie

Image via Wikipedia

Being the slightly neurotic nutcase I am, I tend to wait for the day that someone creates a zombie disease that ravages the entire land. Of course, this would be terrible because then only the crazy and paranoid people will survive. However, to give my readers a chance, I am telling you all things you need to keep at the ready for just in case.

First thing is first, you will need a backpack to carry many things. You will need something durable that can weather many situations and is also water proof. I suggest putting in the big bucks for this sweet backpack. The camo may not be pretty, but it will hide you from zombies, giving you more amble time to get ready to take off their heads.

Next you will need hiking boots and protective clothing. Now I know the post apocalyptic clothing you see in movies on the girls can be mega sexy, however that is not protecting them. Thick clothing gives you a better chance of your skin not breaking if you get in a melee situation with a zombie or two. If your skin breaks, you will probably be screwed. You will need a poncho to keep your clothes dry in bad weather. Also hiking boots will keep your feet dryer than tennis shoes or anything else. You need to keep your feet dry. Just trust me on that.

Next you will need a quart water bottles and purification tablets. Do not trust the water, EVER. You need water to survive, however. So these are a must. Invest in several bags of the tablets. You will thank me later. Matches will also be a necessity. Lighters will do, but matches are always better in my opinion. You can cook animals or any canned food you find along your journey.

Something you should not trust is your GPS. It will die, and you will be screwed. Learn to read maps now. Also get a compass that isn’t on your droid. You may think you will be able to tell by the rising and setting sun, but on a rain or cloudy day or during the noon time you will be screwed. Get maps of your immediate area and your country. Your life will constantly be on the move after the zombies attack. Hopefully human bases will be set up by military or heavily armed humans that you can find and live in, but do not count on this!

A sleeping bag is very useful. It will keep you warm and dry. It will also be more comfortable than just ground.

If you don’t have a first aid kit, then you are on crack or something. A first aid kit is VITAL! Any cut, any wound you get can become infected and kill you or turn you into a zombie! Keep wounds tightly bandaged and covered! Also, keep on hand advil, vitamins, a sewing kit, ect.. These will all be essential to your survival!

I will also recommend hear to have things like a multi-tool, binoculars, and signal flares. There will be times when you need to build, cut, and fix things. A multi-tool will be highly beneficial. There will be times that you will need to scout out areas, see if zombies are in a vicinity, or watch for food to fly or walk near you. Binoculars will prove valuable for these quests. Signal flares can always be used to signal to a helicopter or plane that you need saving, but be warned zombies will see it and come.

Lastly, but most importantly, you will need kick@$$ weapons! A machete is all time best melee weapon in my opinion. It is versatile for when you need to cut more than heads. You will also need at least two fire arms. I would pack fifty rounds of ammunition for your primary and also twenty-five rounds of ammunition for your secondary. Remember that you need to conserve your bullets!

If I were you, I would pack this all now and constantly check and update until the day the zombies come. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to die and become a zombie! So get prepared. Also remember that I am scouting out the perfect place for a human colony. As I find it and start building it up, I will keep you posted with hints, so that you may find it if the day comes. I will not give exact details for fear of zombies or the government taking over the place.

Keep yourselves safe and prepared! And happy Wednesday!

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Steampunk — An Explanation

This intriguing genre of being came into existence around the 1980’s as an offshoot of Cyberpunk. This term was coined by K.W. Jester, who used it in reference to himself and two of his friends (Tim Powers and James Blaylock) all of whom were writers of science fiction and fantasy. Since then this term has come to describe clothing, music and writing set in an alternate universe. In the world of the steampunks, life after the Industrial Revolution went on a bit differently. We began to focus on steam-power and created fascinating new technologies based on steam, wheels, cogs and gears. This type of mechanization likes to ignore our turn to airplanes (they prefer dirigibles), nanotechnology, computers, etc. Instead, we write on typewriters or parchment with quills, we fly around in air ships, and have an entirely new host of technologies at our feet that are nothing like what we see today. Steampunk also takes a turn towards the post-apocalyptic. Many fantasize that this world is created after our typical technology has failed us, so we have to return to gears rather than satellites.

As far as literature goes, Steampunk writers¬†take their inspiration from Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Mark Twain, and Mary Shelley. Many modern steampunk writers look back to some of the amazing technologies and macabre worlds created in works like Frankenstein and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. If you’re interested in some steampunk fiction, Wikipedia has a great list here.¬†If you read a book and it’s awesome you must let us know!!!

Now that Steampunk culture¬†has become more well-known, you’ll see it filtering into geek-filled events like the San Diego Comic Con. There is even an amazing event called the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball every summer. It’s based on the type of ball found in the movie and is an event I plan on going to as soon as I can save up the money!

Steampunk music¬†takes¬†its lyrics from¬†the fictional world that most steampunkers¬†wish was real. They invoke images of a time that didn’t end up existing. Images of mad scientists, rides in airships, dark carnivals and machines. Often, steampunk music is hauntingly beautiful; I encourage you to check out some of these bands:
Abney Park
The Cog is Dead
The Clockwork Dolls
Insomniac Folklore
Vernian Process
China Steam Engine

Steampunk fashion¬†takes it’s¬†cue from 19th century Britain, often involving lace, corsets, and also some more interesting fair such as eye patches, manacles, top hats, necklaces fashioned out of cogs and time pieces, goggles, etc. This is where steampunk¬†blends into the neo-victorian¬†movement, through fashion. And it does it beautifully. I found a few awesome things on Etsy¬†to give you guys a sample of the great fashion trend that is steampunk. Click on the photo for a link to the shop!

One of the most amazing things about Steampunk is, in my opinion, those few individuals turning this into a lifestyle. A nifty guy over at The Steampunk Workshop¬†has created a computer (he’s even working on a car!) in the steampunk style. It’s just a case, because it obviously still has to have the normal computer parts in it, but it’s really beautiful (see below). If you’re interested, you can head on over to The Steampunk Home blog¬†and check out some more steampunk items for your everyday life.

There you have it guys! Your beginner’s guide to steampunk. I suggest you go and follow my links! You might find something new, surprising and offbeat you didn’t think you’d like. If you have any questions feel free to email us at We’d love to hear from you.

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Oatmeal Kind of Morning

Today I woke up craving only one thing, oatmeal. It is one of the more versatile breakfast foods. You can eat it plain, with lots of brown sugar, with fruit, with almost anything! It warms you up. It goes AMAZING with ice cream. It is overall just awesome.

Doesn’t that look just delectable? I could go for it without the nuts. It has my mouth watering regardless. This is oatmeal mixed with nutella, bananas, and walnuts. Yum yum, right?

Click the picture for the recipe! This is a seasonal treat that I plan on making come next month. Pumpkin Oatmeal. I bet it’s like eating pumpkin pie and oatmeal together, or something else equally awesome! Note this recipe is vegan, but I’m sure it can be tweaked for all the non-vegan readers.

Cherry vanilla oatmeal! I don’t really like cherries, but I will probably substitute something. It sounds really delicious though! Click on the picture for the recipe! I will be adding this to things to try.

This just looks like a party in my mouth! Then you find out its sweet potato and pecan streusel!?!? This would definitely be one of the best parties in my mouth! I love sweet potatoes. Best potato there is (Note to my fiance: ignore the last sentence… silly Irish boy). I cannot wait to try this! The recipe is also attached to the picture. So click away!

My all time favorite dessert and oatmeal together!!!! Banana fosters oatmeal now takes the top of my bucket list! I could not find the recipe and it seems Flour City Diner in Rochester, NY does not serve it anymore. The do serve Irish Oatmeal, however. This link takes you to where I found the delectable picture.

From the same post by ljcfyi is this crème brulée oatmeal. This girl likes her oatmeal fancy. This still can be found at Simply Crepes in Rochester, NY. It is oatmeal topped with crème brulée, bananas, and fresh berried. Talk about delicious!

Peanut butter and Jelly oatmeal. The recipe is attached to this. It appetizing look caught my eye. How much does the average American love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? How much more would that increase the oatmeal love that needs to be elevated in the states? This is a fabulous concoction with recipe attached to photo.

Got anymore delicious oatmeal/breakfast recipes? Post them in the comments, or email them to me with a picture and I will show them off in the next breakfast post. I would love to have even more delicious things to make!

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