Got Sole?

So a dear and fabulous friend of mine introduced me to TOMS shoes about a year ago. Its a company that matches shoes one for one. You buy a pair, they send a pair to children who do not have shoes. The shoes range in styles, sizes, and material. Some are even vegan. Basically they are really cool.

TOMS got started by a traveler named Blake Mycoskie. He was in Argentina when he befriended children who did not have any shoes to protect their feet. He wanted to help, so he created TOMS. With a group of friends and family, Blake returned to Argentina later that same year. They passed out 10,000 pairs of shoes thanks to their customers. To find out more about their mission and the company click here.

Though they are for a great cause, they can be expensive for someone with my income. However, they make great Christmas, birthday, or wedding gifts. (I will be asking for a pair for possibly one or all three of those.) Buying them as a gift, you aren’t just getting them for the person in mind, but for a child in need as well.

This company also presents the idea of having a sole styling party. (Great for birthdays or bachelor/bachelorette parties.) You get white shoes for everyone, then everyone gets to decorate their own shoes. Click here for more info on the parties.

So go buy a pair for you, your mom, or the next random hobo you see. K?

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1 Response to Got Sole?

  1. Fred Jones says:

    I wear shoes. Therefore, I like this idea.

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