Tingling Nerd Senses

Sometime before I moved to Grant County, my previous and wonderful roommate brought to my attention that Ball State University was making a quidditch team. Some might be scratching their heads at this wondering what I am talking about. Others will either be secretly feeling their nerd senses tingling, or they will be open about this and admit the awesomeness. I for one think this is a little bit amazing and a little bit hilarious!

Quidditch, for all you non-Harry Potter fans, is a game in Harry Potter for witches and wizards. Matches consist of two teams with seven players per a team. All these players ride on brooms. There are four balls: a quaffle, two bludgers, and a golden snitch. The quaffle is passed between chasers who send it up and down the field and toss it through one of three ring posts at either end of the field. There are three chasers per a team. There is also a keeper per a team to protect the rings, stopping quaffles from going through them. The bludgers are hit with clubs by the beaters, sending them towards the opposing team to knock them off their brooms. There are two beaters per a team. Finally there is the snitch, a small golden ball that the seeker must search for. Once it is found the game is ended. Usually this means that the team who grabbed the snitch wins. If the chasers gained more than ample points with getting the quaffle through the rings, then the other team would win.

So now that I explained that, someone might be wondering how that came to Ball State, and how people are playing it all over the country. Muggles (or non-magical folk) have created a version that doesn’t leave the ground. It still involves brooms, however! Click here for more details on that craziness.

Also on the above website they have a schedule of matches and invitationals. I was ecstatic to find out there is an Invitational at Purdue this coming October 23rd. I definitely will be going and will be dragging my fiance’s poor booty with me. I also hope to drag my lovely co-author’s butt there too. Everyone who can should come out to watch and enjoy.

It should be fun. If you are any fan of Harry Potter, you should support your fellow HP fans as they celebrate the fantastic books with a very muggle like game. Hope to see you there!!!

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