The Things We Do For Love… or Interwebs

Being the poor, engaged fool that I am, I cannot afford interwebs in my apartment. Instead I travel around Grant County to get it free at certain coffee places like Payne’s or the now open Indiana Wesleyan University. I sometimes will go over to my fiance’s house where one can steal the net from some neighbor. Overall, it’s semi-easy to find places.

There are prices at each place, though. At Payne’s you have to buy coffee, food, or frozen custard. Granted, Payne’s everything is fabulous. I would highly recommend their very expensive chai latte. The problem is that it is all expensive. I am poor, going to Payne’s often is worse than paying for interwebs unless my fiance is paying for my latte. I spend $5-12 there whenever I go.

Next best place is the now open Indiana Wesleyan University. I don’t have to buy coffee when I go, but I always tend to feel awkward in overly crowded places filled with Christians. You also need an ID to access the internet here. Luckily my fiance goes to IWU. Therefore I can get online when I come over here.

Last on this post, I could go to my fiance’s house. I sometimes do, in fact. The internet strength there is wavering constantly. One minute it’s ok to watch 10 minutes of Grey’s Anatomy, the next I have no internet at all. Also at least one other person in his family is always trying to steal the internet when I do.

Overall, a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do (name that TV Show for $1). If I have to roam Grant County for interwebs, then I must. I want to know what my readers do for internet. Do they have any suggestions?

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