Boys… Beards, Bikes, and Bands

So today’s topic is hipster/indie boys. These are the guys one can see at coffee shops, shoes, colleges. These are the boys that have a sweet Schwinn from decades ago, a beard and mustache that say they don’t care about grooming, and skinny jeans and flannel shirts. To some they are annoying. To others, however, they are the most attractive thing one can chance to glance upon.

Personally, I have always been highly attracted to boys with beards. Many of my friends believe this came to be after I submerged myself in Brethren culture for several years of my grade school life. Most boys in that culture just have awesome, scruffy, full beards. Indie/hipster boys have also been developing this look over the last couple years. I think it is hot, some girls don’t, though. If you are a guy and love your beard, go for Brethren chicks. They dig beards usually.

Another aspect of our delicious indie/hipster boys is that you can usually find them riding around on an old bicycle. They usually fix it to be a one speed. Sometimes they even have a Schwinn. I think this is good on a couple of levels. It is better for the environment and for indie/hipster boys’ physical appearances and health.

The final thing I find attractive about these boys is their love of good, indie bands. It might be lame to others, but a boy who loves bands like Anathallo, Jonsi, or Neutral Milk Hotel captures my attention quicker than a guy discussing rap or country. Some girls are not nearly as obsessed with a guy’s musical knowledge and that is fine. If a girl is, however, indie/hipster guys are the guys to listen to about bands. They can go on for hours about their favorites.

Overall, these things make up some of what is the indie/hipster boy. These are at least some of what I find so captivating and attractive. What do my readers find attractive? Offbeatness? Intelligence? Physical appearance? Let us know in the comments section!

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