Natalie Dee is the Bomb-Diggity

A couple years ago I was introduced to an online comic, Natalie Dee. It was love at first glance. She has captured my heart, so now I wish to share the amazingness with you all.

Natalie Dee has a drawing style that can be simplistic or intricate. She tends to either draw the animals and people in her life or anthropomorphic objects, such as fruit, light bulbs, animals, ect. She also throws in theme weeks like week of sharks, cat week, and bear week.

Her drawings are humorous, but her words make the comic. She is incredibly strange (possibly why I love her). She will go anywhere from eggs being afraid of the chicken breaking out to the many ways to use cats. She also adds in more inappropriate things, so she isn’t for kids.

Some of my favorites are the eggs and chickens. Constantly the eggs worry about cracking, not knowing what will become of them when the chicken hatches. There is even one where the chicken is talking about how he hatched at the best (worst for the egg) moment. I also enjoy her baby ones. They are always so strange, like when she had a baby tied to balloons to send it out grocery shopping.

Overall, you should totally check her out! She is amazing and hilarious! So go. Now!

Natalie Dee check it out!

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