Acceptance of People

This weekend has truly been a trial by fire. I got (for lack of a better word) attacked for my thoughts and beliefs by a couple of people I hold dear. It was heart breaking to have them judge me as they did and still are doing. So I thought maybe today should be learning about acceptance of others.

You see, I have always been that kid with a strange sense of equality. My parents have racist views, but I never understood it as a child or found it good. Inequality among people never made sense to me.

So with that, I have always been one to be open to other people’s beliefs and thoughts as long as they were not hurting others. If someone wants to believe dinosaurs and humans walked together on the planet, that is fine. If someone wants to believe in a different god than I do, it’s whatever. To each his own.

So why then do people attack others beliefs and thoughts? Is it because of insecurities in their own thoughts? Is it the human need to divide and conquer?

I believe it is a little bit of everything. The people I hold dear to my heart probably just overreacted. Some people probably do not want certain ideas to corrupt theirs or others minds. Others get to fervent in conquering people’s hearts for their gods. Some might just have passionate personalities.

This is sad to me. Relationships are lost because of this. They are torn apart at the seams. Is it better to lose your love than to accept her thoughts vary from yours? I don’t see it that way, but some do.

Whatever the issue, as long as it is with good intentions and does not cause harm to others, then I do not see the problem with varying opinions. Maybe there would be more peace if people were more understanding.

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