Lord of the Books

So once upon a time in the land that was my middle school, I attempted to read the first LotR book, Fellowship of the Ring. I got to the last chapter in a couple days then stopped. My little A.D.D. mind could not get through the rest. So I just accepted watching the movies, like every other lame-o I know.

Years later, I picked up the book again. I was, quite literally, 26 pages from the end when I had stopped the first time. So I did what any other self-proclaimed bookworm would do and started from the beginning. This time, though, I finished it, thanks to my boring job that consists of sitting around for hours!

I must say, it was a better read this time around. Tolkien’s creativity is mind blowing when you think of all the insane amount of detail he put into creating Middle Earth. He didn’t just write four books on it! He has histories of Middle Earth, of elves, and of wars! I could only dream to be half as creative as he is.

These might sound like words from a book report, but he truly is a literary genius. Unlike many books I’ve read that have either been in first person or third with focus on only the main character(s), Tolkien focuses on thoughts and feelings from all his characters. I really enjoy this since I’m constantly wondering what other characters think.

I would also like to mention that people who don’t read the books have no idea what they are missing! If you haven’t read them, you’ve never meet Tom Bombadil or seen the scary barrow-wights! Reading these books are like putting on glasses for the first time after years of blurry vision! So read it! If my non-reading friend can get through all the books, you can too!

So pick up the Fellowship, people. Even if its reading a chapter a night, you will feel accomplished at the end.

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