Indie v. Scene

So yesterday evening I got into a discussion with my future sister-in-laws about what is Indie. Though I love these girls, I disagree with what they consider Indie. What they think is indie is actually Scene. Those are completely different genres of being. So let’s take a closer look at both.

To me, the biggest thing about being Indie involves liking Indie things! You gotta love the music to include yourself in that set. If you are an Indie dude, you might wear skinny jeans and a lot of t-shirts, usually band t-shirts. Girls are the same way. However it doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to dress like that.

Another thing about being Indie is that you don’t follow the crowds. Mainstream just isn’t your thing. Now I’m not saying mainstream is bad, it just isn’t for the true Indie kid. With this in mind, they also tend to be really nerdy. Whether it is painting their bike to be a Zelda themed bike, almost always having their nose in a book, or really enjoying math jokes, they are nerdy!

Now Scenesters are the kids you see dressed in skinny jeans and band tees but in black and dark colors. You can usually always find them at local shows. They tend to like more of an array of music, going from local hardcore to Lady Gaga. Most often they are known to like what’s popular at the time. They change their fashion to whatever is fitting the latest trends. Often it is seen that they are just trying to be “cool”. I think this is false. They are just following what they think is cool, which is sorta what everyone does.

Now being Scenester isn’t a bad thing, as many portray. It’s a lifestyle choice that shouldn’t be looked down upon. But after the discussion last night I thought I might show the differences in Indie and Sceneness. Now if people are confusing Hipsters and Indie kids, I will post another blog later on the differences. However, this is all you are getting for now.

Peace and happy screwing.

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