Love Love Love this Artist

While browsing Google, I came across Artist a Day ( They were showing Mary Chiaramonte, a painter. The painting that they were displaying grabbed my attention immediately. It was a woman carrying a cardboard house.

I decided to read about her and the painting. She’s an acrylic based painter that typically uses human stories for inspiration. The painting that was displayed is called House Bound. It is all about the isolation of her home studio. The cardboard is a representation of her option to leave. Cardboard, being as flimsy as it is, shows that she can leave anytime she wants, but she would rather be working in her studio.

The process of creating such a piece was also interesting. She spent time making the house in real life then photographing herself. This is a process she commonly uses for her paintings. They come from the photography, but she adds her own abstract thoughts to them once she starts painting.

Her paintings are truly beautiful and eerie. The use of neutrals with splashes of color bring a poetic aspect of dark romanticism. I would definitely recommend going to her website to check out more of her work.

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1 Response to Love Love Love this Artist

  1. Fantastic paintings, very mysterious partial faces and bodies.

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